Bull-August gård 

Bull-August consists of three buildings. Boningshuset, gårdslängan and Bagarstugan. There are five rooms in Boningshuset; a great hall at the entrance and a shared kitchen that you can use if you stay in Boningshuset. There are eight rooms and a shared kitchen in Gårdslängan. Bagarstugan has a small kitchen and a bedroom. 

Common spaces for showers/WC/laundry is located in Gårdslängan. 

During the period from October 1st through April 30rd only Boningshuset and Bagarstugan is available for booking. 

Our rooms and pricing 

At Bull-August, you can stay in Boningshuset, Gårdslängan or in Bagarstugan. All of them have shared WC and showers. 

Boningshuset has five rooms and Gårdslängan has eight rooms and Bagarstugan is a cosy cottage with two beds. 


▪ One-bed room – 550 – 595 SEK / night 

▪ Two-bed room – 700 – 795 SEK / night 

▪ Three/four-bed room – 1200 – 1295 SEK / night 


Our separate cottage, Bagarstugan, has two beds and a small kitchen. Bagarstugan is available for booking even during the winter. Please note that the ceiling height is 190cm and the doorframe is 170cm. 

Bagarstugan price: 

1195 SEK / night – June 18th – August 18th

900 SEK / night – September – April 



▪ Bed-linens and towels – 120 SEK per person 

▪ Cleaning at departure (washing-up not included) – 200 SEK per room 

▪ Crib/Cot with mattress and sheets – 150 SEK 

▪ Breakfast (April – October) 100 SEK per day for adults, 55 SEK per day for children at the age of 3 to 15. 

Booking terms: 

▪ Payment is required 7 days before arrival

▪ Cancelling must occur at the latest 7 days (168h) prior to arrival to get full compensation. 

▪ There exist specific booking terms for groups of 10 or larger 

▪ If your group is of 10 or larger, please request an offer 

Rent the entire house 

If you need space for family and relatives, friends, the colleagues or the company, you can rent the entire property of Bull-August with all the beds. 

October – April (12 beds): 4,500 SEK / night 

May – September (32 beds): 13,000 SEK / night 

June -July – August (32 beds): 13 000 SEK /night (only weekdays)

(These prices do not include bed-linens and cleaning) 

You can cook the food for yourself using the kitchens, or you can order food and drinks through one of our affiliates. 


Bull-August offers bicycles to rent. There’s helmets and if needed you can borrow a baby seat. Price: 100 SEK / 24h.


We have made it simple to rent kayaks here at Bull-August. A wonderful experience is waiting for you once you leave the shore. Untouched nature and beautiful sights for both eyes and mind. Price: 450 SEK / 24h.


On the east side of Arholma lies the sauna that is taken care by Skärgårdsstiftelsen. Either you use the sauna while it’s open to the public, alternatively you can make a reservation (this is done at the sauna). 

Fishing – our collaboration with professional fishing guides 

Combine your stay at Bull-August with exciting fishing with our fishing guides with which we collaborate. 

Our professional fishing guides brings you along on a fishing tour through northern Roslagen Archipelago. We offer a vast variation of fishing events with guided fishing tours for companies and individuals. We can customize a day of fishing activities according to your preferences regarding location, food, living etc. 

We can help you make a reservation, or visit http://fiskeevent.se.